What His Love Ministries Is All About


This is our annual event we have to thank donors and encourage new people to come and hear what we do every day of the year.  These are the testimonials of the staff ministers, volunteers, and even some of the people we have ministered to.  We conduct 980 services a year, 81 a month, which is almost 3 a day in Jails, Prisons, Transition Centers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Mental Health Facilities, a Homeless Shelter, and the Youth Detention Center, We are a hope to the hopeless, a help to the helpless, and bring healing to the hurting.  We reach out to those THE WORLD HAS FORGOTTEN, but Jesus said we were to Minister to, the very ones HE went to.  These messages on our site are done at the facilities that we minister to.

Check out our ministry website at www.hisloveministries.net

We have been on Mission since December 1997, We have seen 36 Professions of faith in 2011, 84 Professions of faith in 2010, 200 professions of faith in 2009, 734 in 2008, 543 in 2007, 564 professions of faith in 2006, 330 in 2005.  We provide 213 Correctional Services, 550 NH/Assisted Living Services a year, 52 at a homeless shelter & 112 at Coastal Harbor Treatment Centers for Children & Adults, plus 110 at the Youth Detention Center. 980 Services a year.