Here we are in the United States having just come out of one storm and are now in the midst of another bad storm but this will pass and there will be other storms but there are also storms in our lives that come every single day. Are you prepared for those storms? I’m not talking about physical storms I’m talking about the trouble in families and jobs and our lives, that’s the kind of storms I’m talking about. A question for you today is Do you know the one that even the winds and the waves obey? The one the disciples said what kind of man is this that even the winds and the waves obey him so when the trouble comes and the storms of life happen to you and your family and your job or whatever trouble it may be do you have that peace that passes all understanding from the Savior? Do you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? He said in John 14:27 my peace I give you not as the world gives you that I give a different kind of peace. Do you know the Lord and Savior when the storms of life come and are you prepared when the final storm comes that you will face of the end of life? Do you know The Savior? The one in Matthew 7:24-27 who said that the house that was built on sand and the storms in the wind and the rain and the trouble came and great was the Fall of that house, but the one that was built on the rock which is a picture of Jesus Christ, that house in the storms was protected and safe because that’s a picture of our salvation in Jesus Christ do you know Him?