Matthew 12:1-14 How Is Your Heart?


This is a milestone chapter in the Gospel of Matthew; it focuses on the rejection of the Messiah. In many ways, this chapter is a turning point; the mounting, growing unbelief of Israel crystallizes in this chapter with rejection. Just like Israel many today believe that it is something that we do or can do that will get us into heaven, but we can never get to heaven without Jesus shed blood on the cross and His grace that allows us to be forgiven if we ask Him to forgive us and save us. Is your relationship to God rules, laws, or do you realize that those are only things to assist us? They can never stand in the way of meeting needs, serving God, and showing mercy, because they violate the heart of God. Where is your heart toward God? Are you trapped in a bunch of rules, or do you know an easy yoke and a light burden?

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