A Challenge To Go Luke 4.16-21


A Challenge To Go Luke 4.16-21 Is A Message About Our Call As Christians

The Info Below is About His Love Ministries And How We Got Started

Marty McKenzie was called to preach in 1992, but he answered: "I can't talk in front of people!"

It took five years of struggle before he started preaching at Effingham Prison in 1997. Now the ministry that he began - called His Love Ministries - has grown to the point where McKenzie has two helpers on his payroll and together they do as many as 90 services every month.

His Love Ministries goes to places where most other ministries do not - prisons, nursing homes, jails, treatment centers and homeless shelters.

McKenzie saw a need to do more, so he offered a full church service with singing, praying and preaching. The services would last about an hour.

From the start, McKenzie had to rely on God for everything - especially the courage to speak in public. His friends laugh and remind him that Moses had trouble with public speaking, too.

His main message is that Jesus is the Savior.

"I stick to Jesus because that's the Gospel," he said. "However, I vary what and how I say something. The only way to change life is through Jesus. I use scripture to make my point."

The ministry was set up in 2002 as a nonprofit organization that can take donations. However, the ministry does not ask for money from the people it helps. There are only a few regular contributors and no fundraisers except a shrimp boil once a year.

"The Lord takes care of our finances."

In 2007, Tom Keller joined the ministry full time. The two of them, with the help of some volunteers, offer as many as 1,000 services throughout the Coastal Empire each year. They are always looking for dedicated helpers to grow the ministry and take some of the burden.

"We started this ministry to serve the forgotten in our community," McKenzie said. "We consider ourselves an extension of mainline churches, even though we don't have church buildings for ourselves. We don't buy many supplies. We provide services - that is our goal."


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